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Elevated branding & website designs for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, transforming your online presence to support your goals and connect with your dream clients.
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Website Design

Website Design

Time to invest in a new website? Wordpress websites for wherever you are at in your business journey, showcasing your distinctive message and offer + highlighting all the ways you shine. I’ve got you covered!



Wishing you had a killer brand for your biz? Harmonious visual brands that convey your unique personality while connecting emotionally with your customers, allowing you to create consistency and stand out from your competition.

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Design Intensive

Do you have a bunch of tasks on your to-do-list that you need done quickly? We will make an action plan to complete anything from website updates to social media templates, so you can focus on what you do best, serving your clients. Take a look at what we can accomplish!

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Website Audit

Need to make sure your website is functioning optimally? Let me analyze it, focusing on a variety of factors such as user experience, layout & design, content, backend setup, and performance - and give you a comprehensive report with my findings and recommendations.

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Oh hi!

I'm Lisa, the owner of Lisa Marie Creative and a brand and website designer for business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level.

I help entrepreneurs like you align your passion + purpose with profit by designing websites and branding that elevate your business. Which gives you more time, freedom, and flexibility to do what you are called to do; impact more lives!

Let's get your website working for you!

you are in the right place if…

You have a passion for what you do. You started your business to impact the lives of others and get more freedom doing what you love and feel called to do.

But every day you dive into that stress-pool that is your business and you end up chasing your days. You find yourself wearing all the hats & doing ALL.THE.THINGS, even if they drain you. Instead of feeling like you are moving in the right direction, you just end up adding to that never ending to-do list…and just getting plain burnt out!

The struggle is real, I get it. I have had to  learn a lot of things the hard way (and I still am sometimes)! Unfortunately when you declare to the world that you are going to start your own business, no one gives you a manual. It’s mostly trial and error and figuring it out for yourself.

There’s no shame in that game my friend! We’ve all been there!

but what if it doesn’t have to be that way…

stressed lady in front of a laptop with her hands steppled over her nose and eyes closed
happy lady with her arms raised in front of a laptop

here’s the good news…

I can take some of that stress off your hands, creating a truly impactful brand and website that showcases the best of who you are and what you have to offer. Ultimately streamlining + transforming your business. It’s time to give up your seat on the struggle bus!

With my design strategy and website care plans, you’re in excellent hands. I will guide you through my signature system for creating a simple but effective website that has all the functionality that you require for your business. It is easy and strategic, giving you the structure to empower you to confidently market your business + land your dream projects. Not to mention giving you more time to do what you really love.

Together we can create a website that is meaningful, authentic + strategic while attracting your ideal client.

I’ve got you! 

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About Me

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Although I feel like I have always been a designer at heart, my path to design was certainly was not a straight one. It took quite a few years of soul searching to realize my passion for design was what I was meant to do. But along the way I have  picked up a lot of skills!

My design expertise, coupled with my background in administration and project management, years of experience supporting online entrepreneurs, plus running my own online business, I am uniquely qualified to help business owners like you strategically position themselves online.

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