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Nina & Dave McNamara

Complete Brand and Website Design for a Property Management Services Company

Dave and Nina are professional property management company specializing in short-term rentals; partnering with landlords and developers to fill their vacancies with short-term or extended stay guests. They offer professional short-term rental co-hosting and guaranteed rent to landlords.

Project Intentions

Branding & website design outlining opportunities for owners &  showcasing the property listings that they cohost

Nina and her husband Dave reached out to me as they wished for branding and a website for their newly developed property management company. They were looking for a simple logo and branding and an informational website where potential renters could find the properties they manage and be connected to Airb&b to rent. They were also looking for a place to provide potential owners with information on the services that they can provide.


Nina was looking for a simple brand + logo to represent her company, what they do and how much care they provide to their properties & they owners they work with. I led Nina through a design process and had her create a Pinterest collage of images she was drawn to so I could determine her to narrow down her design aesthetic. From there I created a visual mood board with their 

Logo Design

Nina had a vision for her company logo of an outline of a property incorporated with a heart. She wanted something clean and simple, that conveyed both structure and care.

main logo

Exec STR Logo

alternative logo + website favicon

Executive STR Alt Logo

Color Palette

Nina was drawn to fall colors of deep reds, oranges and yellows. I offset those color choices with a deep and lighter green to give her palette some variation.

refreshed color palette

shadow green


I chose to keep things simple with the typography for Nina & Dave’s brand in keeping with their logo design.

Exec STR Typography

Responsive Website Redesign

It was important to Nina and Dave to find a designer who could take their information and vision and transform it into a professional brand and website that is functional and informative as well as visually appealing. I was able to take the details that Nina provided and turn them into an attractive and informative hub for all the information they want to share with their potential clientele.

Client Testimonial

Lisa is amazing to work with and very knowledgeable!

I am not very tech savvy, and know nothing about designing a web-site; but Lisa’s process of finding out what I was looking for made it very easy.  Her helpful guidance made the process stress free! The website that she created and designed exceeded my expectations!

After the site was live (a couple months) she noticed a glitch in one of the Plugins, contacted me, and repaired the problem right away! I highly recommend working with Lisa Doiron!!

Nina headshot

nina mcnamara
Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Investor, Trainer & Educator

I love working with dedicated, passionate + purpose driven entrepreneurs!
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