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Hi, I'm lisa!

If you are an entrepreneur who is passionate about what you are offering to the world, you are in the right place.

I want to help you to be successful, so you can have a bigger impact on those you serve, by aligning your passion + purpose with profit.

You are an online business owner or service provider with an unique + phenomenal product or service that you want to share with the world. You have a central mission of doing good, aiming to improve the world by altering the life of one client at a time and running your business in alignment with your core values. You are here because you…

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need a cohesive + authentic brand to create a professional and legitimate online presence that you can share across all platforms

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need a beautiful, strategically designed website and to gain exposure & drive leads

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are ready to take your business to the next level

Why my process works

I love what I do. I enjoy the process of creation, building something from nothing. Customizing your website to suit the needs of your business, while establishing your effective + impactful digital identity.

I work closely with you through every phase of the design process, from concept through completion.  I provide a organized foundation of experience, guidance + support, taking your creative tasks off your plate so you can enjoy creating the biz you always dreamed of. I will go over and above for your business to create a brand + website worthy of the value that you provide. 

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More About Me

I have always  been creative and loved design.

As a kid I used to do sketches of my stuffies and design rooms out of random household objects for my Barbies. I know…total geek right?

Back in my 20’s I took some website design courses which I LOVED but wasn’t ready to go back to being a poor student…again. By the time I got married I was working as a project assistant in the Healthcare Industry, then a project manager in a Telecommunications Company. It was okay, I enjoyed the variety but it was far from a passion.

Having twins and realizing our son had a disability, my husband and I made the difficult decision for me to stay home with them until they started school.

I dabbled in freelance work supporting online businesses + service providers as a way to contribute to the household while still being available for our kids. I was soon doing ALL.THE.THINGS. for my clients, which quickly led to burnout. The only projects that I still enjoyed were the ones that allowed me to design and be creative. 

It was at that point where I pivoted my business to focus solely on design. With my background in administration and project management, my years of experience in supporting online entrepreneurs, plus running my own online business, I am uniquely qualified to help business owners like you strategically position themselves online.

Having worked with many different types of business, I have developed a special interest in supporting women entrepreneurs who have a central mission of doing good, and a passion for improving the lives of their clients in some unique but significant way, thereby having a bigger impact on the world. 

My mission is to help them with their success so they can have a bigger impact on those they serve, aligning their passion + purpose with profit.

xoxo Lisa

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