Kayla Das

Evaspare Inc.

Branding Refresh  for a Business & Marketing Coach for Therapists

Kayla is a Business Coach for Therapists who are aiming to create a strong private practice foundation, develop a growth mindset, and establish systems and processes so they can have a therapy practice that flourishes. 

Being a therapist herself with a natural aptitude for business, Kayla is uniquely positioned to help them reach their goals.

Project Intentions

Elegant & feminine logo design and branding refresh to conhesively combine two logos

Kayla’s business has two sperate divisions and two distinct websites; a Counselling & Consulting side for clients and a Business Consultant side for Therapists. She reached out to me initially to incorporate both sections of her business into one distinct logo.

Kayla has expressed interest in following up with a newly designed website in the near future.

Branding Refresh

Kayla’s only request was that I include the indigo blue from her original logo into the new design. She also mentioned that she liked the transformation symbolism of the butterfly.

Logo Design

Basing my design off her current logo, I chose a color palette of the deep blue with two shades of blush pink, highlighted with gold accents. Along with the images chosen for her mood board, her new brand has a distinct elegant and feminine feel.

mouse over to see original logo

refreshed combined logo

old logos

Color Palette

Kayla’s previous colors were bright and cheerful, but I felt they could use a touch up to give them the air of professionalism and sophistication I know she was looking for.

refreshed color palette



baby pink




old colors


I selected a stylish selection of fonts to accent Kayla’s new brand.

kd typography 1 1

Client Testimonial

“Lisa provided exceptional service and I am absolutely in love my new business logo and branding colours! But I do intend to invest in website design in the future. I definitely recommend her if you are considering branding your business.”


kayla das
BSW, MSW, RSW, Business & Marketing Coach for Therapists
Evaspare Inc.

I love working with dedicated, passionate + purpose driven entrepreneurs!
Contact me to find out how we can work together!


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