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Design Intensive

Let's take some of those tasks off your never-ending to-do-list!

My Design Intensives are perfect for you if you have a list of tasks that you just can’t seem to get to, you don’t have enough time in your schedule, or the expertise, to do them yourself. 

Let me wrap them up quickly so you can continue doing what you are best at…serving your clients!

What's in it for you?

My undivided attention on your project + fast results!

The types of tasks we can accomplish…

Website Updates
& Additions

Have a punch list of things that you need updated or added to your  website but are intimidated to DIY? Have content to change, a  new blog post or page to add or new branding that you want included throughout?

Landing or Sales Page

Have a new offer and need a strategic landing page + thank-you page designed to include in your marketing?

Lead magnet
design & delivery

Do you have some old content that you would like repurposed  into a lead magnet in order to collect digital leads? Need someone to integrate your email list and set up delivery?

Blog layout &
archive design

Have you been thinking about adding a new blog to your site or have an archive designed to migrate your posts from another platform?

Website Integration & Configuration

Do you have an online calendar or CRM you’d like integrated into your website or a plugin you need to be added and configured?

Graphic Designs

Do you have social media templates, an infographic or a presentation that you need designed? Never got around to creating that business card or proposal template?

Do you have something else in mind that isn’t on this list or do you have a more in-depth project that requires a longer timeline?
Reach out for a free consult and we can discuss

ready to book your design intensive?

how it works

Investment: $450 for 3-hours


Pre-Day: Planning, Prioritizing + Scheduling

During a 1-hour kickoff call we will discuss, plan out & prioritize your tasks in advance and schedule a day when you can be available to answer questions.


In Advance of Day: Prework

Prepare and submit anything I will need (copy, images, logins, etc.) within 48 hours before our day begins.


During our Design Intensive Day: Execute

We will meet briefly in the morning then I will take care of all the things we discussed in our kickoff call. You just need to be available for any questions I may have.


End of Day: Deliver

We will meet briefly to go through all tasks, discuss revisions.


Post Day: Completion + Support

I will complete revisions + provide all completed files and documentation. There will be a 30-day support window to deal with issues + answer any questions you may have.

important note:

When you book your Design Intensive day you’re booking my time, not a specific set of deliverables.
Your scheduled day is dedicated to your project and your project only.
All of my focus is going to be on YOU!
Every Design Intensive is unique and your time slot will be tailored to your specific needs and goals in order to achieve the best results possible.

Next Steps:

Set your timezone below

Choose your date and submit

Fill out the form

Pay in full to secure your date

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Most frequent questions and answers

A Design Intensive engagement is only intended to book my time, not a specific list of deliverables.

I do my best not to take on more than I believe I can accomplish in a day but each business, project, and list of tasks are unique. I strive to tailor your day to give YOU the best result possible.

On your day, my time will be dedicated to your project 100% (minus bathroom breaks of course 😉 and I make every effort to get through all of the tasks that we agreed to.

You can either pre-approve me to go beyond 3-hours if needed (in 30 minute increments) up to a certain cap and I bill you for additional time worked, OR I stop and we will discuss your options to move your project forward at the end of your scheduled time.

All that is required of you is to:

  • attend our kickoff call in advance of our day for planning, prioritizing + scheduling.
  • submit any pre-work I will require to complete the task(s) to me within 48 hours before our day begins.
  • be available to answer questions on the day of + attend a quick meeting at the end of the day.

My Design Intensives are $450 for 3 hours of time. You either pre-approve me to go beyond 3-hours (in 30 minute increments) if needed up to a certain cap and I bill you for additional time worked…

OR I stop and let you know what’s left and give an estimate for completion.

If you have a custom request, the investment and timeline may vary depending on your requirements! If you are unsure, schedule a consult where we discuss the deliverables, and I can provide an estimate on the time commitment.

It depends on your requirements! All projects are not created equal.

My Design Intensive bookings are scheduled for 3 hours, it can certainly be extended! Once I receive the form outlining your requirements, if I feel like your your task(s) will require a longer timeline, I will let you know.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your specific requirements.  

Schedule a spot on my calendar and fill out the required form for your spot to be tentatively scheduled. Once I review your info to ensure you are a good fit for a DI day, you will be sent a detailed email with an invoice. Full payment is required to confirm your booking.

OR if you have questions, book a free Consultation, which will allow me to get a clear understanding of your needs and to make sure we are a good fit.

It all depends on the projects I currently have scheduled. To check my current availability or get first dibs on my next opening, book a spot on my calendar.

Yes! I provide support on the specific deliverables we outlined in the contract for 30 days after our booking to make sure everything is working optimally. Only minor changes to content will be accepted.

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Kind words from clients

LisaMarieCreative 0064v2

I'm lisa!

I’m obsessed with creating websites that empower my purpose-driven clients to get to the next level in their business, no matter where they are in their journey.

I’m all about  transformational growth and being a creative + supportive problem solver for my clients, finding sustainable solutions that make a big impact on their goals.

My superpower is to translate the unique vision of others into beautiful design, while creating structure that empowers leadership, prosperity and success.

I specialize in making clients feel supported by defining their problems, troubleshooting creative solutions, and transforming chaos into organization by building efficient, streamlined systems.
I’d love to get to know more about you and your project.