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Adventures in Writing

Complete Brand and Website Redesign for an Author, Writer, Mentor and Writing Guide

Marie is committed to creating safe spaces for people to grow and explore their writing, providing resources, and programs designed to support her writing community.

As the founder of Adventures in Writing, Marie aims to provide the same inclusive, supportive experience she had when she began writing and sharing her words by providing transformative writing experiences to shift self-doubt into confidence. She offers small group circles and retreats for her audience to learn how to lean gently into discomfort with story and share with other writers who are taught how to listen and provide inspiring, encouraging feedback. 

Project Intentions

Website redesign, refreshed branding with streamlined client journey, online program registration & payment

Marie’s old website and branding has served her well for many years, but she wanted something a little more modern, relaxed, and reflected her where she is now in her business.  She wanted her new site and brand to convey her love for adventure while showcasing her businesses growth, expansion and her evolving purpose. Not to mention up-leveling her clients experience.

Branding Refresh

Marie liked her current branding, but was looking for a refresh; something to reflect her personality more and signify the positive changes she has made. I converted her old, muted color palette with similar but more vibrantly-hued colors. Paired with modern typography and images to give her branding a fresh, airy and relaxed feel and better reflect Marie’s unique essence. I revitalized her old logo with with new fonts, colors, and positioning to match her new look. Finally, I created a mood board for her to refer back to with her new fonts, color palette + images that perfectly reflects the feel of her new brand + her audience.

Logo Design

Marie’s old logo was a little dated and use was a challenge at times because of the awkward height of the feather in relation to the letters, but she still liked it and didn’t want it to be drastically different and lose brand recognition. Using the same design and her new colors, I reworked the layout, resizing the feather and updating her fonts giving it a more modern, breezy look.

mouse over to see original logo

refreshed logo

old logo

Color Palette

Marie’s old color palette was similar but was made up of darker, much more muted, duller tones. My plan was to give her brand a much airier, brighter  feel to match her more relaxed, approachable personality.

refreshed color palette

dark blue
bright sun

old color palette


Marie’s previous fonts felt a little dated, so I gave them a refresh with some more modern, but easy to read, selections.

Marie Maccagno typography

Responsive Website Redesign

Being a writer, Marie opted to do her own copywriting which made my job a little easier. It was important for Marie to have a smooth, streamlined customer journey, enabling her audience to easily navigate her programs and offers and allowing them to purchase right on her site across all platforms & devices. Together we were able to create a website that truly reflects Marie’s unique personality and meets all of her business goals.

Client Testimonial

After working with Lisa, I feel much more aligned with who I am and what I offer.
Now I want to raise my prices, aligned with the value of what I do.

Lisa has supported my website for years and I can’t recommend her work highly enough. In fact, I have recommended her services to several of my colleagues and friends. She’s meticulous, pays attention to detail and has an artist’s eye. She works well to deadlines, and I’ve always been happy with the finished results. I find Lisa easy to work with, open to suggestions, and willing to do research to find out more about things that are outside of her expertise. If you’re considering building a website, or updating the one you currently have, give Lisa a call. You won’t be disappointed.”

Marie Maccagno headshot

marie maccagno
M.A., Author, Writing Coach & Retreat Leader

I love working with dedicated, passionate + purpose driven entrepreneurs!
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