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Gus Skinner

Complete Brand and Website design for a Certified Public Health Inspector

Gus has extensive experience in the field of environmental public health & is a former National Lead Manager for Health Canada & Public Health Agency. Once he completed his career, he decided to branch out on his own and work within the passenger conveyance industry, providing audit and inspection services, compliance reviews and shipborne and land-based training. 

Gus has a strong understanding of how to pinpoint and overcome the challenges facing today’s passenger conveyance operators, managers & crew, and the obstacles and realities they face in managing work successfully.

Gus’s mission is to be a leader in educating & training the passenger conveyance industry with the public health regulatory and compliance requirements + provide the knowledge, assistance and training required for a safe environment.

Project Intentions

Website design and branding outlining the companies services & regulations

When Gus decided to branch out on his own as a Certified Public Health Inspector for the Conveyance Industry, he he reached out to me to design his branding, website and business cards.

Gus’s main objectives for his website were to provide credibility, outline his services +  have a central hub where users could access the industry regulations. His mission was to educate & train the passenger conveyance industry with the public health regulatory and compliance requirements.


I wanted to give Gus a consistent brand to be used for both his online presence + printed collateral. Therefore, he required a logo & fresh color palette and fonts for his new enterprise. I created a brand that represents his industry, values, and goals. Selecting a color palette made up primarily of blues, and coupling it with industry related images and graphics, his website has the professional, credible vibe that Gus hoped for.

Logo Design

Gus’s only vision for his logo was  a “cartoon-like” image of a cruise ship. Since his favorite color was blue, I created the ship in a deep blue accented with white, the lighter blue hues of the water and bright golds of the sun.

main logo

AL Skinner Alt Logo

alternative logo + website favicon

gus skinner logo
AL Skinner Favicon

Color Palette

I used multiple shades of blue for Gus’ color palette, accentuated by bright yellow, gold and white.

color palette
port gore
tory blue
boston blue
tropical blue


I kept Gus’s font selections simple and professional, adding to the dependable feel that his brand conveys.

AL Skinner typography

Responsive Website Redesign

Gus wanted a website that conveyed his extensive experience and expertise within his industry, highlighted his services, and provided a central hub to access industry regulations and standards. I was able to create exactly what he was looking for. Using images from his travels and cruise ships he’s worked on, along with links to the educational materials that he provided, his site not only conveys his credibility and expertise, but is informative & educational as well.

Client Testimonial

Working with Lisa has been a pleasure, as she has been responsive to all my questions I posed during our initial discussion and the outcome has been better than expected. She is an incredibly talented developer but what really makes her stand out is her work ethic and customer service. Time after time, and without asking, she added enhancements and improvements that resulted in a better product for my company. We are very happy with the logos and website Lisa created for the company and will definitely recommend her to any future clients.

Gus skinner headshot

gus skinner
Certified Public Health Inspector

I love working with dedicated, passionate + purpose driven entrepreneurs!
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