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Erin Snyders

Custom Website + Membership Program Redesign for an ADHD Parenting Coach, blogger & speaker

Erin is a busy mom of three spirited children, one of whom was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. She struggled for some time before meeting ADHD parenting coach that changed everything. She pivoted her corporate job as an attorney and became an ADHD parenting coach herself. Erin has since supported hundreds of families who are struggling with ADHD. She is focused on empowering them with  information and strategies they can  immediately apply in their everyday lives.

Project Intentions

Website redesign showcasing membership program, online program registration & payment + membership program redesign

As a long time client of mine, when Erin was ready for a website and membership program redesign I was all in! She already had developed branding that was ingrained her in business so we opted not to change it, but her website that was no longer relevant as her services had evolved significantly, and her membership program platform and design desperately needed an upgrade. 

She priority for her website was to showcase her signature membership program, the Honestly ADHD Parenting Academy. She also wanted the program completely redesigned on a new platform + a complete overhaul of all of the educational materials for it. 

I was also designing all of Erin’s promotional, social media, + business graphics, making her business and online presence appear much more cohesive, professional + polished.

Responsive Website Redesign + Membership Site Transformation

Although we kept her current logo and branding so it was still recognizable to her customer base, the refresh gave the general feel of her website a more polished look with a streamlined customer journey leading her potential clients right to her signature program.

We completely transformed her membership program, giving it a complete overhaul and streamlined layout. Erin refreshed the content for her learning materials while I focused on redesigning each of them, complimenting her website + membership program designs wonderfully.

The final result is a cohesive + strategic online presence and membership program that is attractive, effective + educational.

Client Testimonial

“Lisa is absolutely amazing to work with! She is my go-to for all of my website and graphic design needs. Before I met Lisa I would flounder around for days tinkering with my website to make it function as I needed it to and look half-way decent – it was super stressful, and a complete waste of my time! Once Lisa and I began working together my site was not only up and running quickly, but it was gorgeous! Lisa heard my vision and made it come to life in the design right out of the gate! She definitely has a superpower in using imagery to uplift a brand elegantly. I highly recommend Lisa!”

Erin Snyders

erin snyders
ADHD Parenting Coach, Blogger & Speaker

I love working with dedicated, passionate + purpose driven entrepreneurs!
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