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Complete Brand and Website Design for a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Medical Healer

Devin describes herself as a Doctor of Physical Therapy by trade and a Healer at heart. She uses her advanced and varied education, and many skills, to combine Science and Spirit and empower female clients with inner wisdom towards wellness of mind, body and soul.

Devin aims to help her clients overcome the ingrained limiting beliefs brought on by the lack of support and separation in the healthcare industry and the divide between the scientific and spiritual path, to teach them how to come back into a state of wholeness and awaken to their true, innate, healing ability.

Project Intentions

Website and branding design showcasing courses, streamlined client journey, calendar integration and online registration

Devin has a website for her Physical Therapy practice but wanted a distinctly separate website for this side of her business. She wants her site to describe to people what she does, her offers, and give an idea of what it’s like to work with her. Allowing potential clients to easily gauge if she is a good fit for them and open them up to a new way of looking at health and their own healing potential.

Starting with a one-to-one healing sessions, she plans to eventually expand by developing an online group courses to engage and impact more people through resonance and elemental courses, immersive healing nature retreats, and workshops and webinars. Long-term, Devin wants to offer her clients exotic sacred healing retreats, and an online community for women to connect.


Devin wanted branding that was elegant and dignified, but also integrated earth and nature, connecting our natural ability to healI provided her with my Branding Discovery Guide to help uncover her design aesthetic and create a brand that suits her personality, industry, and the feeling she wanted her brand to convey. From there I created a visual mood board with their new color palette, fonts, and images to reflect the overall vibe of her visual brand.

Logo Design

Devin envisioned a simple, elegant logo with an earthy vibe to incite intrigue, stillness and connection. She wanted to stay away from a logo that was chunky or dense, masculine or dark.

Using gold for the base of the logo, along with a leaf to incorporate the earthy, healing vibe she was going for, I created a clean but elegant design for her logo. I provided two versions, a round and a long version, to be used in multiple areas and settings.

main logo

ddd round low res 1

alternative logo + website favicon

ddd wide low res
ddd round low res 1

Color Palette

The only “must have” Devin wanted for her brand was the color gold. I gave her a color palette that was elegant and feminine, but also brought in the earth tones that she was hoping for.

color palette

white smoke

jungle mist







I chose a combination of feminine and simple, easy to read fonts in keeping with Devin’s brand style.

devin typography 1

Visual Style Guide

I created a visual style guide for Devin’s new brand that outlines her brand strategy, color palette with alternative colors, font weight and spacing, sizing and acceptable use of logo, as well as logo misuse.

Devin DeGreif Visual Style Guide

Responsive Website Design

Devin was sure she didn’t want a cookie cutter website. It was her goal to have a designer who could not only capture her message and voice but translate it into a complimentary design for her site that is not only aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and encompasses her vibe, but also showcases her offers and allows clients to get a vision of what it would be like to work with her. As Devin was taken through my process she was able to get clarity on her programs and offers, and hone in on what she was trying to achieve with her new business. The biggest impact of her new design right out of the gate was the alignment of the beauty and energy it conveys to her potential clients.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Lisa to build and create my website was a fabulous experience. She was in tune with the feel and vibe of my business and what I do. She listened to what I wanted to convey and delivered on it. She was always open to listening to my needs and feedback. I truly enjoyed working with her and loved having her help within my creative process.”

devin 3

Dr. Devin DeGreif
PT, DPT, CSCS, PRPC, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Medical Healer

I love working with dedicated, passionate + purpose driven entrepreneurs!
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